Support SOE's for FeatureService with IWorkspaceEditEvents hooks

Idea created by kirkktx on May 5, 2011
    • kirkktx
    • kralph
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    • cminteer
    I have a feature service and a web client that edits it.  I would like to enforce some business rules on the editing process.

    I would like to install an SOE that listens to IWorkspaceEditEvents, for when features are Created, Updated and Deleted. (Maybe Read too, to have the full CRUD, but I don't see how that fits in with the ArcGIS editing framework)

    If a web client creates/updates/deletes a feature and some business rule is violated, code in the SOE would call AbortTransaction and AGS would generate an appropriate REST response and send back to client.

    With proper refactoring, I could then port existing Editor extensions to the web.