Provide polygon centroid option for marker placement in representation layer properties.

Idea created by mbloudkova on Apr 27, 2011
    • BruceLang
    • mbloudkova
    • vtn

    Currently, it appears that the Polygon Center option uses the same calculation as the Feature to Point tool, with the INSIDE option checked. We would like the marker symbol to be placed at the center of gravity (centroid) of the polygon, like when the INSIDE option is NOT checked in the Feature to Point tool.

    Please see the webhelp link for more info regarding this:

    We need to symbolize polygon layers with one marker per each polygon. These markers need to be in the center of polygon. The representations offer quite strong tool for this, except the placement options, which result in markers being placed inside the polygon but not in the centroid!
    We need this functionality to put picture markers (logos) inside polygons without creating an additional centroid point layer. We request to have the option of placing the markers into true centroid position added to ArcMap. Without this option, the markers need to be placed / moved manually, which is very inconvenient.

    This Idea is also logged as NIM045733.