Licensing Single Use

Idea created by michael.schulz on Apr 26, 2011
    We have 2000 users and 400 applications. Our IT-Strategy is to recover any pc, server or data in max. 4 hours.
    We have some ArcGIS Single Use Licenses for our users.

    First we Test the Software on some Testclients (RegistryKeys, Temp-Folders, requ. User Profile Paths, an so on).
    To Check the operability we have to register the ArcGIS with our License Key.
    If the Test is done, we deploy the software on some Testclients (with the installation of other software, often very special stuff), to test if the install overrides some RegKeys, Golbal Vars, IE/Browser comp. etc. (in worst case ArcGIS or the other Software dont work together). To Check the operability we have to register here again, often many times (depends on the other software) the ArcGIS with our License Key. Finally we install ArcGIS on productive Clients und register again (!).

    Notice: in ArcGIS 10 there ist no way to have a chance to test the Software (30 day demo, 2 working hour)...

    After 4 times licensing ArcGIS 10 online (the onyl way) the license will be blocked a year and there are no way to use it. Here we wait 6 months to free our SU-License (after endless calls with our Software Dealer and ESRI).

    The next thing is that the ArcGIS-license is linked to the used hardware (thats ok). If the Harddisks crashes, how we can reach in this case a 4 hour-recovery-workaround if the license-fail have to admit to Germanys ESRI branch and then to the U.S. HQ?

    So can easily the User/Admin in ArcGIS Customer Care free a license? Is ESRI able to create a product running a time free of license?