changing default values in common fields accross multiple edit templates

Idea created by rcaldwell on Apr 20, 2011

    I am Starting to work with templates when editing sewer lines and sewer points. new sewer facilities are created on a project basis and there are fields in the lines and points layers that track the project ID the date of as-built, who made the change and when the change was made….
         I can go threw the effort and create a templete for each kind of sewer line by type of pipe and size. In creating the list of easy to select line or point facilities I have to enter the drawing  and as-built date each time I add a facility or spend time at the beginning of each edit session updating all the sewer line templates with the current project info.(this is error prone)
         I would like to see a way to select a group of template entities and globally change common fields across multiple defined fields in a layer and ideally across multiple layers with common fields (call them global or project or group fields). if this can currenlty be done greate let me know otherwise please accept this as a change request. I'm currently running arcmap desktop V10.0.0 - thanks Richard