Ability to permanently change the default location of the Default Geodatabase

Idea created by Mick_C on Apr 17, 2011

    Can we please have the ability to permanently specify the default location of the Default Geodatabase?


    Currently a Default.gdb is created in the user's "My Documents' folder on first opening the Normal.mxt. Users can specify another geodatabase and save the Normal.mxt, however this never really gets rid of the original default geodatabase and often the normal.mxt reverts back to this.


    In our organisation a user's 'My Documents' folder is set to a network location that has very specific usage and size restrictions. Furthermore running geoprocessing across the network places a heavy burden on resources. Therefore we need the ability to change where this 'default' default.gdb is located, at a higher level than the Normal.mxt. For example in the Advanced Tools or similar.