Export Data... To Kml

Idea created by CHSW03 on Apr 13, 2011

    As the keyhole markup language (kml\kmz) becomes an increasingly popular method of spatial data sharing, it would be helpful to have as many ways as possible to export a shapefile out to kml.


    Currently this functionality is located within the ArcToolbox, and while this works, it is not the most efficient method of creating the kml file that many users are familiar with.  A fast way of exporting this data would be through the table of contents, right clicking the layer, hover over ‘Data’ which opens the menu of options.  At this point a new option for 'Export to kml...' could be added.  When the user selects this, it would open the geoprocessing tool, similar to the existing ‘Export to CAD…’ option in the same menu.  This simple modification would allow for much more efficient creation of kml data layers.


    Please see the image below for a sample of what the modified menu could look like.