Allow creating features from the table of contents

Idea created by markholder_ats on Apr 13, 2011
    • duri
    • richardc66
    • markholder_ats
    • vtn
    Currently, when a layer is expanded in the table of contents to show each symbol, the icon that shows what the symbol looks like can be clicked to modify the symbol's definition.

    If there is a feature creation template associated with a symbol category, you could add another icon that shows the default tool for the feature template. Clicking it would invoke the tool just as if the feature creation template had been clicked.

    This would allow the feature template list to remain hidden a lot of the time, and allow the table of contents to drive the editing process. Not having to deal with a separate list of feature templates all the time would be much easier for a lot of users.

    Layers not available for editing would have no icon, so it would be easy to distinguish them.

    Symbols for an layer in the current edit workspace that have no layer template defined could have an icon to launch the template creation dialog.