Allow feature creation templates to be independent from symbology

Idea created by markholder_ats on Apr 13, 2011
    • RyanP
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    While having a new template default to being based on the layer's symbology is nice, it can get in the way. In many use cases, the symbology is based on values from several fields, and a lot of categories result. When creating a new feature, one may not really want to pick from so many options, since values may be populated by any number of automated methods (default values, subtype defaults, add-ins, feature class extensions, etc).

    It would be nice to offer a mode in which the user just names the template, and sets up any default attributes for it without forcing a template for every symbology that is defined. You can already do this, but you have to delete all of the templates that get created by default. At least allow deleting all the templates for a layer at once.