Return of the Sample Javascript Viewer?

Idea created by spowling on Apr 7, 2011
    I don't understand why the Javascript API seems to be the poor relation to FLEX and Silverlight. I've found the training and resources available for Javascript are both lacking when compared with the FLEX API. I'd like to see the return of a Javascript Sample Viewer please! I'm not sure why the old one stopped at v1.6, but it was a good starting point for many apps.  Many of us don't have time to develop from the ground up and now some of the essential functions are available at AGS v10 it would be great to have an updated Sample Viewer. I'm sure this would help generate thousands of new websites using ESRI technology!

    I seem to remember the HTML Sample Viewer for ArcIMS had a whole manual devoted to it - more documentation for the new Javascript Viewer would be good too (or am I pushing my luck now?)