Improve Pie Chart and Bar Chart Symbology Renderers

Idea created by 1_MarcBate on Apr 7, 2011
    Partially Implemented

    Chart renderer improvements for ArcMap

    -In the legend, show the values corresponding to the minimum and maximum pie size, as well as customizable middle value, which defaults to the median or average of the values.  This allows you to better estimate the attribute value for each symbol.  This borrows from the MapInfo Professional pie chart thematic maps.


    -Allow the legend symbols to be displayed horizontally or vertically


    -Similar to the percent and LOG normalization options, add a Square Root normalization option.  The middle sized pie chart value in legend gives the user a feeling of these pie sizes are scaled.  Square root is helpful because the value of each pie can is directly proportional to the radius (area = pi r squared).

    -Add options related to having pies show up when you have various fields with null attribute values, e.g. substitute with 0 in rendering logic.  There are scenarios, e.g. selecting LOG normalization, where you should see pies at locations where nothing is drawn just because other location attributes are null.

    -For bar charts, show/set this middle value as well so you can see how they are relatively sized.