Login dialog box for "Manage GIS Services" while setting an administrative ArcGIS Server connection

Idea created by StK2011 on Apr 7, 2011
    Please implement a login dialog box when setting an administrative connection to ArcGIS Server using "Manage GIS Services" in ArcCatalog. It's annoying that the user who is setting  up the administrative connection in ArcCatalog must exist on the server with the same user and password. Its getting complicated when using ArcGIS Server on a Linux-machine with LDAP-connection and ArcDesktop runs on a Windows PC with totally different users.
    A login dialog box for "Manage GIS Services" would allow to change the user at login (as possible with ArcGIS Server Manager). Even if you just want to set a reading connecting there is the possibility to login with a special user. Why this functionality is not implemented for the administrative connection?