Multiple Contiguous Polygons Sharing a Single Reference Number

Idea created by AberdeenGIS on Apr 7, 2011
    When dealing with a redeveloped site in an urban area, multiple new properties can be created on a site within a single existing address. Since an original property normally has a given street number, this has to be retained. Multiple industrial units built on an old factory site still have this shared street number and often are built with communal walls. At present you can't draw multiple contiguous polygons in ArcGIS because the individual polygons are merged into one larger polygon. I would like to be able to draw multiple polygons where one or more contiguous boundaries are shared while using the original street number as a common record number.
    ESRI convention says this cannot be done -  "A polygon cannot have parts which touch or overlap.  This is in the spec for what a valid geometry is." Ref: NIM006142
    This would be a really useful additional tool.
    Thanks to Zoltan in Aylesbury and Michelle from Support Services for their assistance.