Conversion of legacy projects

Idea created by phxdwl on Mar 16, 2011
    • brian_colson
    • phxdwl

    I on several occasions I have received requests to send the data from older legacy projects to clients or other consultants. I would like to be able to send one GDB instead of hundreds of files associated with the multiple shape files and coverage’s needed for the project. I hoped that the map package tool would allow me to export the data layers in a file to a GDB for delivery, unfortunately it does not. Unless I a missing something the map package file does not create any real usable data.

    What I would like

    I would like a tool that lets me select multiple MXD files and select the GDB I would like it to export the data to, and have arc collect the data and copy it do a single GDB file to send. Options that would be nice include the ability to ignore raster images (that may be under copy write and cannot be distrusted), excluding specific drive paths for data that cannot be transferred. And checking for similar named files.