Innovated Table Of Contents

Idea created by duri on Mar 10, 2011
    Ideas to significantly enhance and improve Table Of Contents usability and functionality:
    • Data Frame tabs – in TOC or in Map window detachable to separate widows (like in Google Chrome). The biggest advantage of this solution is clear and practical arrangement of Data Frames in TOC. User doesn’t get lost in large layer structure, constantly searching for the other Data Frame. User has direct visual information about number of Data Frames in the Map Document and which one is currently active. Multiple Data Frame Map windows could be reordered horizontally and vertically with possibility to see more windows at once.
    • Data Frames overlay and comparison – possibility to work with more Data Frames simultaneously, display and overlay them in one window. ArcGIS could provide contents comparison functionality – compare and evaluate differences between selected Data Frames.
    • Nested Data Frames – organize complex projects by nesting Data Frames – put one or more Data Frames into another Data Frame (like Adobe After Effects composition management).
    • More layer overlay options – layer filtering (hue, saturation, lightness) to alter color without changing symbology (e.g. filter color symbology to grayscale).
    • Split TOC window – option to create multiple instances of TOC window (either by dividing it horizontally/vertically like double panes in Microsoft Word or clone and separate it). When working with large layer structure it comes handy to see other parts of TOC simultaneously – making possible to work and organize layers more quickly and effectively. Possibility to see TOC modes (List By Drawing Order, List by Source, etc.) at the same time.
    • Autofocus selected layers when switching between TOC modes – switching between various TOC’s grouping methods (List by Visibility, List By Selection, etc.) causes layers to reorder according to chosen method. When watching for specific layers it comes very hard for user to track them when switched to other TOC mode. ArcMap should keep layers selected when switching between TOC modes and autofocus them (if possible).
    • Mini TOC toolbar – for quick creation of basic TOC elements (New Data Farme, New Group Layer, etc.) and adding of new layers. Special Undo/Redo for TOC.
    • TOC specific Undo/Redo functionality – provide fully functional Undo/Redo for every task and action performed in TOC as currently nearly 90% is irreversible (Ability to undo more ArcMap changes).