Community Maps and Geocoding

Idea created by bcrumpler on Mar 9, 2011

    The Community Maps program currently focuses on datasets that can be cached in order to improve the visualization of the imagery, street maps, and topo maps services and to incorporate verified high quality user submitted data in order to enhance those map services.  This information is great for improving the cartographic quality of the maps, but there is one area that appears to have been overlooked - geocoding.

    When users submit data for parcel boundaries, streets, imagery and other reference layers for use with the Community Maps, several of these datasets already contain information related to geocoding.  Additionally, the same users who are participating in community maps are also the same users who would benefit by being able to improve geocoding accuracy based upon the same high quality user defined information.

    In many cities, counties and states, geocoding services are created, updated and maintained within GIS departments and they must be updated regularly to incorporate new datasets.  When you have entities that are geocoding (batch or individually) over a large geographic area, there is usually limited access to a seamless geocoding service.

    By adding geocoding services to the community maps program, it would facilitate greater accuracy in geocoding and it would facilitate improved accuracy in geocoded datasets as well as greater participation by those with tabuar tada looking for ways to geocode their datasets.