Option to show thumbnail image of geometry in all places where shape field is shown

Idea created by dknudsen on Mar 9, 2011
    • HenWagner
    • dknudsen
    Just saw this idea as part of an idea to integrate the attribute editor and identify windows, but I think it deserves its own, top-level entry.

    Currently, whenever ArcGIS represents the geometry field of a data layer, it populates it with a text string that represents the type of geometry value present, i.e. "Polyline M," or "Polygon." It would be a convenience to have either a global option or a table cell-based option to view thumbnails of the actual shapes. (Of course this would not be informative for single points!) Some otherwise very similar rows of a table might be distinguishable by their shapes, saving the trouble of zooming the map view to each one to determine the differences. Empty shapes could be instantly recognized if the key word "Empty" were substituted.