Progress Bar for ArcGIS Mobile "Post Updates" and "Get Data"

Idea created by on Mar 3, 2011
    In our case we are posting changes from a large set of data (800,000 features) sometimes over fairly low bandwidth connections so the Post takes a long time.  At present once you click Post Updates nothing happens...I mean its working but I have no idea its working.  Then out of no where 5-10 min later I get the "Post Updates Successful" message. 

    For new users or field crews it would be handy to see a progress bar so (a) they know the Post is working but also (b) roughly how much time remains (like windows does when you copy files).  I would also say "Get Data" could benefit from the same.  The spinning Balls are cool and let me know something is happening but for large datasets for the first few tries you always start to question whether or not the process is hung or even working at all.