Visually Interactive User Interface

Idea created by duri on Feb 28, 2011
    Not in Current Product Plan
    Introduce intelligent, visually responsive user interface reflecting user movements, anticipating user requirements and visualizing interface elements relationships, thereby improving user orientation and support for more effective and flexible work.
    Provide hover functionality to objects, elements and items in ArcGIS especially in TOC, Attribute Table, Data Frame and Layout. Display relationship and interdependence links between Data Frames, Groups and Layers listed in TOC, Records in Attribute Table, Features in Data/Layout View and Map elements in Layout when hovered over or selected.
    Table Of Contents
    • On mouse hover highlight listed data frames, groups, layers, symbol labels, etc. in TOC.
    • When hovered over a group or a layer in TOC highlight corresponding features in Data/Layout View. Interactively get focus to layer’s attribute table (if opened). Highlight related item in Legend in Layout View.
    • When hovered over layer’s heading, symbol or label in TOC highlight in Data/Layout View features that fall into specified symbol or heading group definition. Simultaneously highlight records with specified symbology criteria and fields the symbology is defined by in layer’s attribute table. In Layout View highlight associated items in Legend.
    • Highlight related map elements in Layout View when hovered over a data frame in TOC (Data Frame, Legend, North, Scale, etc.).
    • Provide comprehensive and detailed pop-up description of item’s properties when hovered and remained over an item in TOC.
    Data Frame
    • Highlight feature when hovered over it in the Data Frame (Data/Layout View). Automatically highlight corresponding group, layer or symbol in TOC and corresponding record in Attribute Table (if opened; optionally set temporary focus). In Layout View highlight parent item in Legend.
    • Highlight associated layer in TOC when hovered over a layer’s label or annotation in Data/Layout View.
    • Interactively display Attributes window with attributes of features selected in the Data Frame. Hovering over selected feature in Data Frame temporarily displays selected feature's attributes in Attributes window.
    • Display detailed pop-up description of feature properties (layer, geometry, length, area, etc.) when hovered and remained over it.
    Attribute Table
    • Mouse hover over a record in Attribute Table highlights corresponding feature in the Data Frame and layer or symbol label in TOC. 
    • Hovering anywhere over field or record highlights whole column or row.
    • Display detailed pop-up description when hovered and remained over a field or cell (field type, length, summary of possible/already filled characters/numbers, number format, etc.)
    • Layer’s attribute table could get a temporary focus (if opened) when the source layer is hovered over or permanent focus when the layer is selected in TOC.
    • Hovering over a map element highlights its parent data frame in TOC and Layout. Hovering over data frame in Layout highlights associated map elements in Layout.
    • Hovering over legend’s item highlights related layer or symbology in TOC.
    • Highlight layers in TOC included in currently selected Legend in Layout View.
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