Integrated and enhanced Selection & Identification

Idea created by duri on Feb 24, 2011
    Integrate selection and identification functionality to a single powerful feature recognition tool. Such universal tool would provide free access to feature attributes with interactive editing and comparison possibilities.
    • ArcMap should permanently display the attributes of selected features with selection tools (not only inside an edit session). Attributes window should be accessible all the time to facilitate identification of selected features’ attributes.
    • Attributes window and Identify window integrated to a single dockable window. Identify and Attributes windows serve the same purpose and except editing they offer nearly identical functionality. With their integration, the user will get an universal window for attributes identification and editing (requested in Allow editing in "Identify" window).
    • Integrate Selection tools and Identify Tool or at least compensate differences between them. Selection tools offer great variety of possible selection methods like Select by Rectangle or Select by Lasso, which Identify tool doesn’t provide. Contrary, the Identify Tool allows immediate attributes identification but without editing possibility. It could be a powerful tool when partly or fully merged. Related idea: Radial Menu to identify or select overlapping features
    • Provide Interactive Comparison Tool right in Attributes/Identify window for instant identification of differences between selected features’ attributes. When two or more features are selected immediately compare and mark fields with different values. Evaluate summary and provide possibility to merge unequal attributes according to user specified method during an edit session.
    • Display thumbnail of currently selected feature in Attributes/Identify window for quick feature shape recognition (single or multiple).
    • Use TOC as the main and primary reference to filter and determine layers for feature identification. Suppress the usage of duplicated drop-down list of layers in Identify window.
    • Keyboard shortcut to choose Interactive selection method: Add to Current Selection and Remove from Current Selection (like Alt, Ctrl in Adobe Photoshop). Currently only Switch Selection with Shift shortcut available.