Definition Query and Dynamic Layer Visibility in Data Driven Pages

Idea created by szwillinger on Feb 21, 2011
    Enable sequential definition queries in Data Driven Pages.  The MapBook extension had this capability.  This is essential when you want to make maps that have overlapping trade areas and you want the map to focus on each trade area on a specific map page.  For example, if you created a map series using a map layer that buffers a point map layer, you would want the ability to enable a definition query for the map index so that when the map series zooms to each page, you would only have one ring visible for each map. 

    Another way to do this would be to make the Data Driven Pages turn a group layer on or off so that only the group layer with the name that matches the map index would be visible.  When the program advances to the next map page, the program would read the name of the map index, turn off the previous map index group layer and turn on the current layer.  The code should also be flexible enough to keep specific basemap group layer turned on for all the maps in the series.