Seperate Truncuation from Abbrivation Maplex fitting stratagy order

Idea created by lygismav on Feb 18, 2011
    • lygismav
    • ahusfeldt
    In the Maplex fitting stratagy it would be nice if the abbrivation was seperate from the truncuation in the maplex fitting stratagy order - similar to how Reduce Label in size and compress label in width are seperate.

    example stratagy order:

    Reduce label in Size
    Abbreviate label
    Stack label
    Compress label in width
    Overrun feature
    Truncuate label

    It also might be nice if there was some way to mix the stratagy order for  example:

    Reduce the label in size from size 10 to 8 font
    Abbreviate label
    Compress label
    Continue to reduce the label in size from 8 to 6 font