Add more into to Help regarding Editing and the "Editor toolbar construction method palette".

Idea created by mrivera on Feb 18, 2011
    • mrivera
     I hadn't added a line in Arc 10 with the midpoint tool yet so looked up instructions on how to do it.  The Help says Click Midpoint on the Editor toolbar construction method palette.  It wasn't obvious to me what this palette was at first, but I did find the Midpoint tool on the Feature Construction Mini Toolbar that was popping up.

    Could you fix / reword the help documents that everytime it mentions the palette above it says "... on the Editor toolbar construction palette or the Feature Construction Mini Toolbar"?

    Knowing that is on that mini toolbar is somewhat easier to find than looking for a palette (I didn't know that dropdown arrow was even called a palette) that wasn't obvious.  Also, mentioning that tools can be found in more that one place would be a nice add to the Help documents.