The default search in a forum should be limited to the forum.

Idea created by tr2010 on Feb 16, 2011
    • jcauldwell
    • AndyMur
    • MathiasWestin
    • tr2010
    When a person goes to a specific forum, the only search box on the page will search all forums. There should be a search box that searches only the current forum. A user shouldn't have to go to an advanced search page and specify the forum again to search only one forum. A set of radio buttons could be added to the search box to enable searching all forums, but the default choice should be "search in this forum only". The user's choice should also be saved from session to session.

    P.S.: The huge "Preview" watermark image in the post preview view on this site is too overwhelming. It makes it hard to preview the text - which is the purpose of the view.