TOC Toolbar

Idea created by duri on Feb 8, 2011
    Enhance Table Of Contents with interactive toolbar to control settings and manage one or multiple layers selected in TOC. These controls would clearly indicate status of each layer property, give possibility to quickly change layer settings and provide ability to work with multiple layers.
    General controls
    • 0EM30000000Cn2o Start/Stop Editing and indicate ongoing Edit Session of selected layers
    • 0EM30000000Cn2t Label Features – turn on/off and indicate status of selected layers
    • 0EM30000000Cn2y Symbol Levels – turn on/off and indicate status
    • 0EM30000000Cn33 Definition Query – turn on/off and indicate if DQ is used in selected layers
    • 0EM30000000Cn34 Attribute Table – open/close and indicate if opened for selected layers
    • 0EM30000000Cn3D Joins/Relates – run join/relate and indicate if present for selected layers
    • 0EM30000000Cn3I Layer Properties – open dockable layer properties window for one or more selected layers (tab for each layer), indicate if opened
    Zoom, scale and selection controls
    • 0EM30000000Cn3N 0EM30000000Cn3S Zoom To Layer and Zoom To Make Visible (maybe indication if zoom was reached)
    • 0EM30000000Cn3X 0EM30000000Cn3c Indicate (if enabled) and Set Maximum and Minimum Scale of Visible Scale Range
    • 0EM30000000Cn2u Select All Features within selected layers in TOC
    Layer Management and display controls
    • 0EM30000000Cn3E Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete selected layers
    • 0EM30000000Cn3h Replace (change workspace) or Repair Data Source for selected layers
    • 0EM30000000Cn3m Save Layer File from selected layers at once
    • 0EM30000000Cn3r Export data (GIS/CAD) of selected layers simultaneously
    • 0EM30000000Cn2v Create layer package from selected layers
    • 0EM30000000Cn3w Convert Labels to Annotation/Convert Features to Graphics from all layers selected in TOC
    • 0EM30000000Cn41 Set selected layers’ transparency
    Besides this toolbar a clear and vivid indication of important layer settings enabled (Definition Query, Labeling, Edited Layers, etc.) is missing directly in Table Of Contents list as requested in various preceding ideas. Analogous toolbar could be provided also for the Dataframe.