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Idea created by mapenthuse on Feb 3, 2011
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    I really have questions, more than ideas. I don't know if this is the right spot to post such questions (if not please direct me).   Obvious ideas are contained in the two last paragraphs.
              1.  Does the current App have the capability to open a project created in desktop ArcMap?

    2.  If yes to 1, can you add a .dbf file as a layer?

    3.  Can you customize the symbology the way you can with Arcmap, creating a legend with colorized ranges that you tweak?


    if some of the answers are no, do you have any date ranges during which the next generations of mobile apps will be coming out that will have such capabilities?  is the hardware or the software the limitation?  Is there a proposed mobile app for the foreseeable future that would allow importing of GPS tracks, creating full base maps with water, roads, and park and private land boundaries, labels, all layers fully customizable for font, color, line width, etc.,  and a complex legend (in essence a hiking map)?  is that 2, 3, 4, or 5 years down the road?
     am currently working on a mapping project for the purpose of marketing our sales and would be interested in the mobile app if I  can use one of the devices to work on this project.  I am basically mapping sales by zip code, but also mapping membership data and interested in overlaying this with demographic data.  I am not trained in geo-marketing but will have access to someone trained soon for tips on how to use the data to generate revenue.  If a smart phone can handle my needs, I would also like to use it to map gps points of invasive plants found in parks.  This would require the ability to view maps created on a desktop GIS and also upload a .dbf file, as well as a .gpx file.
              Thank you,
              Gary Willick
              Fulfillment Coordinator