Map Package File Geodatabase Naming

Idea created by mvolz47 on Feb 3, 2011
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    To All ArcMap Map Package Users:

    I am working with Map Packages where I am saving SDE data to the map package, so a file geodatabase is automatically created to contain the data with a default name that the enduser has no control over.  The file geodatabase is named "arcsde_data0.gdb".

    Now the enduser would most likely want the file geodatabase to be named with reference to the data (e.g. Hydro layers in a file geodatabase might encourage the enduser to name the file geodatabase Hydro.gdb).

    Now if the user renames the file geodatabase, the mxd in the map package has a broken link(s) which needs to be fixed.  So now the enduser has to repoint the data to the renamed file geodatabase.  If the package creator had the ability to name the file geodatabase, these 2 subsequent steps of renaming the file geodatabase and repointing the layers in the mxd would be unnecessary.