Drag and Drop instead of arrow buttons

Idea created by duri on Jan 31, 2011
    Favor mouse Drag and Drop functionality instead of cumbersome arrow buttons used for item organization in dialog boxes. While already present in Fields tab in Layer Properties, still missing everywhere else. Partially requested in Draggind Legend Items, this idea suggest to remove this inconsistency in functionality throughout the ArcGIS, especially in:
    • Layer Properties, Symbology tab
    • Bookmarks Manager
    • Legend Properties, Legend Items tab
    • Label Priority Ranking
    • Group Layer properties, Group tab
    Improve inner dialog box drag and drop functionality and extend it beyond single dialog box extent to provide better and flexible interconnection between workspace elements. For example: D&D layer from TOC to Legend, D&D layer to/from Layer Group dialog, D&D layer in Legend dialog Items tab from Map Layers to Legend Items etc.