Option for a selective prioritized ArcSDE compress per table list

Idea created by dgregor on Jan 31, 2011
     As compress is running outside the maintenance hours on one of the customers, we would like to propose the option to run compress only on a selected versioned tables (in a list)
    > sdeversion -o compress -u sde -p sde -l table_list.txt
    We have particular tables which need more attention in compress than the other (so there is priority) and that order of processing versioned tables should be respected. So in case e.g. a 8 hour maintenance window is reached, it would not compress tables with the lowest priorities.
    Please find attached one of the enterprise telco customer's maintenance statistics where they are reaching the timeframe. also, they would like to run partial compress on particular tables only during business hours, but cannot just run a compress on ANY tables as it would dramatically impact the performance and is currently not acceptable.
    Please advise, if this enhancement can be raised to a higher severity as we see advantage in this option for other large customers as well.