Labeling Definition by Area (based on another feature) in Parcel Fabric

Idea created by isaac@clovis on Jan 24, 2011

    This idea has been merged with Label by spatial extent.

    First off,  read my entire post!  This issue stems from problems with labeling lines in Parcel Fabric.  So I don't want someone saying that I can easily use label classes.  I don't want to spend hours typing "OR" statments.   I don't want to use the dataframe to clip, this is worthless because it  clips everything and elements from the mapview are lost.   
    I want some type of clean spatial definition query for labeling only certain features.  So here is the scnario.

    1) You are creating an Assessor Parcel Map
    2) You only want to label ceratain parcel lines
    3) You use a spatial labeling select based on selected parcesl to label only those parcel lines.*
       a)  right now I have no easy way to turn off labling for other parcel lines without tons of or statments in the lines feature  class definition query.  This is bad...

    *Let me again repeat that I have been unable to label based on tables without or statements.  This idea would make use of a currently selected set of features, relate the features to the parcel lines and label only those lines.