Parcel Namer Snake PIN Tool for non Parcel Fabric Dataset polygons

Idea created by wlynch-esristaff Employee on Jan 22, 2011

    The new Parcel Namer Tool on the parcel editor toolbar is excellent for naming parcels in a parcel fabric dataset as described at:   The PNT looks similar to the 93 Snake PIN tool which was useful for naming not only parcels but also for entering polygons attributes that have incremental names or values.  There are many use cases for ArcEditor or ArcInfo users who need this type of functionality for naming polygons-- whether or not they are parcels participating in a parcel fabric or just geodatabase polygons.  It would be great to allow the Name Parcels Sequentially Using a Line tool (i.e.- the old Snake PIN tool) for non-parcel fabric dataset data.  Alternatively, it would be great to have the Snake PIN tool updated as an add-in for ArcGIS10.