Allow XY To Line ID Field to accept text values

Idea created by ADES_LMurray on Jan 21, 2011
    • ADES_LMurray
    • g3martin
    • jacquealope
    The XY To Line tool (found in the ArcToolbox\Data Management Tools\Features toolbox) will only accept numeric values in the ID field.  I submitted this as a bug to ESRI support and noticed their fix to this problem is to update the help documents noting that the ID field only accepts numeric values (see bug NIM064267). 

    I'd like to see the tool's ID field accept text field types as well.  I don't really see why this field should be limited to numeric values.  Plus, most of the datasets I work with use alpha-numeric unique IDs.  So, in order for me to use this tool and link the results back to the original table, I need to do some work arounds.  The work arounds aren't a big deal but they do require more time and effort than would be neccessary if the tool's ID field accepted text values.