Bring back hillshade and other useful shortcuts to the spatial & 3D analyst toolbars

Idea created by andyroo on Jan 11, 2011
    In 9.3.1 and back as early as 8.x, the 3D Analyst and Spatial Analyst toolbars had dropdown menus that were shortcuts to useful raster tools like hillshade, slope, aspect... These have all been removed in ArcGIS 10. My colleague said she's switching back to 9.3 because that's her final straw.

    I am disappointed that this was removed from ArcGIS 10, and I don't understand why - it's a real productivity hit for me in 10. I am constantly generating hillshades with different sun angles while working on bathymetry grids to see the effects of various algorithms on the data.

    Adobe has this philosophy of "there should be a million different ways to do what you want so it Just Works for you" (my paraphrase). It would be nice if ESRI had something more similar to this. Sometimes the logic of your changes defies understanding.