Paste according to Current View, not copied item

Idea created by MFarretta-esristaff Employee on Dec 23, 2010
    When working with annotation (dataframe or layer-based) or graphics in the layout view, a pasted copy lands close to the original.  This is frustrating, because more often than not, the new pasted annotation/graphic actually belongs somewhere else on the map entirely, and given varying scales, you may need to zoom in significantly in order to place it appropriately.  All too often, I find myself copying, then zooming out to find the next desired placement, then zooming in, then pasting, and thinking, "where the heck is it?"  Then I have to zoom out, find where it went, zoom in to grab it, then laboriously pan it over to where I really want it. 

    Which leads me to another point that has probably been made by others ahead of me: please, please disallow the graphic/annotation selection tool to select/manipulate the dataframe!

    Thank you!