Installation script for custom GDAL filter

Idea created by Brain0 on Dec 20, 2010
    In ArcGIS 10 it is now possible to add a custom GDAL based driver DLL very easly in ArcCatalog:
    Customize->ArcCatalog Options->File Formats->Advanced->Add new Raster Format
    This function automatically copies the DLL to the correct directory and  registers the DLL for a specific file extenstion in the  rasterformats.dat file.

    This works great for a user who installs a new driver manually. As a  software provider we face the problem to automatically install our  driver on a system. This must be done in an automated setup and is  challenging because the DLL file must be copied into the ArcGIS file  structure and the rasterformats.dat file must be changed, too.
    It would be much easier if ArcGIS provides the manual workflow from  ArcCatalog as script or other automated process tool which can be used  in the custom setup process.