ArcGIS Mobile - Abiltity to Define Map Symbology Independent of the Data in the cache

Idea created by dpmarley on Dec 17, 2010
    Currently, if you wish to have a "day map" and a "night map" in an ArcGIS Mobile-based application, or have any kind of user control over the way layers are symbolized, the only way to do so is to have two completely separate caches, with separate services and asociated map symbology (or have duplicate versions of layers in the same cache, which creates all the same problems and inefficiencies as two caches).  This creates a situation of redundant data and extra space/storage requirements. 

    There should be a way to override or modify the symbology for layers in the cache, without having to maintain separate services and caches.  In other words, the data and the way the data is symbolized is too tightly coupled in ArcGIS Mobile map control.