Suggestion to have ESRI support a borrowed license server for ELA customers

Idea created by NPS_SD on Dec 15, 2010
    • NPS_SD
    • JFerarese

    Under the terms of the DOI ELA Bureaus can distribute licenses to partners doing Bureau business.  With partners being external to Bureau business IT policy prevents them from going our computer network.  In our Bureau the deployment strategy is to deploy ArcGIS10 desktop concurrent licenses with stand alone users borrowing licenses and distributed server(s) obtaining provisional licenses from a single internal license server (minimiziing the support requirement to support Single Use and the other desktop varients).  This scenario works well and protects the Bureau's regcodes.  Where the system breaks down is in support of external (non-Bureau) users.  I would have to give the Bureau's regcodes to external users, which I see as a risk. My suggestion to Matt & co was to have ESRI stand up support for users external to the Bureau to allow borrowing of a license from an ESRI server.  This could be tracked and not expose the Bureaus regcodes. Authentication could be approved by the Bureau and ESRI user ID.