Line of Sight geoprocessing tool documentation

Idea created by 6by9is42 on Dec 14, 2010
    The ArcGIS Desktop 9.3/10.0 help is entirely inadequate for proper use of the Line of Sight geoprocessing tool:
    --How to calculate alternate refraction values, and the meaning of the current value of .13, are only adequately explained in the "How Viewshed (3D Analyst) Works" help document, and then only in versions 9.2 and earlier.
    --Only a tough-to-find KB document explains how to define the surface's z coordinate units as hinted at in the tool help.
    --Neither of these explain that the input surface must be in GRID format and that the output polyline feature class must be stored as a shapefile.

    My experiences with Line of Sight have been similar to Arthur Dent's quest to find the demolition order for his house, and I hope others won't have to suffer the same confusion in the future.