Add Data dialog box upgrade

Idea created by duri on Dec 7, 2010

    Ideas to improve ascetic Add Data dialog box, to enrich it with more controls and functionality:

    Better information support
    • Add Geographic, Table and Metadata Preview tabs
    • Add more columns in Details view for better information support (currently only Name and Type) like Created/Modified Date, Size, Cartographic projection, Lock, Author… (even for GDB Feature Classes)
    • Auto refresh (at least reload button). When the contents of currently opened folder have changed during add data operation, Add Data dialog box doesn’t reflect it at all.


    • Possibility to add selected layers as a Group layer or a Basemap Layer
    • Add folder to map document at once with all layers as a Group/Basemap layer or as separated layers
    • Add forward and back button with browsing history
    • Missing hierarchical tree side window
    • Missing favorite/most/last used locations menu
    • Missing menu with all utilized directories by current map document
    • Resizable Add Data dialog box
    • Select All files with CTRL+A, F2 for file rename
    • Context menu to show layer properties
    • More data type filters in “Show of type”: SHP, GDB, raster type…
    • Add Data should have in its keyboard shortcut by default
    • After data addition support – optional dialog to show possible operations with imported data. Rasters: georeferencing, build pyramids…, CAD: georeferencing, layers, symbology…