Change web cursor to "hyperlink finger" when floating over discrete data

Idea created by mmdolbow on Nov 9, 2010

    Many non-GIS web application users don't understand what an "Identify" tool is. They are used to overlays, particularly ones showing discrete data, behaving like markers in Google Maps (for example). When a user floats their cursor over these markers, they get feedback: the cursor changes from a "hand" to a "hyperlink finger". Then, they know there is something "clickable" there.


    It would be a tremendous usability upgrade if this cursor-change was supported natively in ArcGIS Server APIs. So, when a service with discrete data (as in, points, lines, or small polygons with gaps between them - not continuous-coverage polygons) is overlaid on a basemap, the web API would support a cursor change when the cursor moves over the non-base data in this service. Then, the user does NOT need to "activate an Identify tool" in order to retrieve information about the overlay. They simply have to "click in the map".


    Peter Batty demonstrates this concept often in his Geospatial Revolution talks, such as this one: (about 20 minutes into the video).