"GEOPROCESSING LAYER": use a Geoprocessing output as a layer data source

Idea created by dbros on Nov 6, 2010
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    Dear ESRI developer,
    you've introduced a "query layer" which enables some kind of data derivation/transformation.

    Do you consider enabling a "geoprocessing layer", too?

    I mean defining a geoprocessing transformation from physical data sources as my layer "data source".

    - have my city parcel fabric data (input)
    - need to display the boundary of all areas that the municipality owns

    - must run Dissolve tool and generate a new data file with the derived data
    - display the derived data file in map

    I do not need the derived data file for any other purpose than the boundary display. This is just a derived data (staging), not a real data source. If the city parcel ownership changes, I need to rerun the dissolve.

    There is a "geoprocessing layer" where I can define the geoprocessing process to derive the data for display. ArcGIS treats all the staging data structures needed during the transformation process. And provides me just the output layer.

    - getting rid of tons of derived data files depending on other data sources
    - eliminating inconsistences among various dependent data sources
    - simplier usage

    I scent, there is something like that in ArcGIS Server (geoprocessing services). But it would be really nice to have it in ArcGIS Desktop, too.

    Thanks for your effort.