Add Direction to the Measure Tool

Idea created by cbouchar on Nov 4, 2010

    The Measure tool presently allows the calculation of distance between features (with snapping). It would be helpful if the Direction / Angle / Azimuth was also shown. .

    - The Near Tool modifies my shapefile, which I don't want and is unnecessary for such a simple calculation
    - The COGO Report tool runs directions counter-clockwise (which is crazy in my opinion). The Ground Correction ability is great, but doesn't correct the fact that the compass is backwards!
    - Military Analyst will measure direction between locations but doesn't snap to existing features - I need to enter the coords. This is unnecessary in Arc10.

    If implemented, please use North as the 0° (like Mil Analyst), not East (like the Near tool)

    The image below shows what it could look like.

    I know there is already an enhancement of this type suggested, but it appears to be squashed with the mention of COGO. Unfortunately, COGO doesn't solve this request because it runs the compass counter-clockwise.