ArcGIS Server - services usage monitor

Idea created by on Nov 2, 2010

    It would be very useful if the ArcGIS Server logging tools were extended to provide more comprehensive information on the traffic, availability, and performance for individual services (OGC and ESRI GeoServices REST.)  Specifically, my clients are interested in "Google Analytics" type of reports on the # visits, # hits by location, new vs. returning visitors, projection/CRS utilized, popular tiles accessed, etc.  This type of information would be useful in planning and justifying costs for extending our systems architecture.

    Note from Esri (Dec 18, 2014):
    In ArcGIS for Server 10.3 we have added a new dashboard in ArcGIS Server Manager that will help you better understand how ArcGIS Server services are used.  Average and max response times, number of hits as well as the max number of instances used are reported. For more information have a look at this video