Data Reviewer Valency checks for From/To Nodes

Idea created by RudinA on Oct 25, 2010
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    I would like to see the ability to limit valency checks to the pipe flowing into a junction, and the pipe flowing out of a junction.  The best classic example of this would be a reducer.  You would want to make sure that the pipe flowing into the reducer is smaller than the pipe flowing out of the reducer.  Although valency currently allows users to find the pipes connected to the reducer point, there is no way for it to determine which is flowing into which.  By adding the ability for users to limit valency checks to from nodes and to nodes of lines, more granular checks are possible.

    In our shop, we have a stormdrain system and always digitize in the direction of flow, so just using the from/to node of the feature itself would work for us.  If a group is relying on a geometric network to determine flow in and out of junctions, then the network may have to be an input into the tool

    Some other examples of checks that would be allowed if this were implemented:
    -Ensure inverts of incoming pipes are >= elevation at bottom of manhole
    -Ensure invert of outgoing pipe at manhole is = elevation at bottom of manhole
    -Ensure a main pipe never flows into a lateral