Maintain ObjectID Using Simple One Way Replication

Idea created by carrierkh on Oct 19, 2010
    When replicating one way, the ObjectID is not maintained in the child replica.
    Since the replication is only going one way it only makes sense that this ObjectID should be maintained

    In my opinion, since ESRI's code is optimized for this ObjectID field, many third party applications are driven off of this ObjectID. For example, Cityworks needs both the ObjectID field and the FACILITYID field when querying data for performance reasons. If the ObjectID changes then you can lose work history that is attached to your features. To speed up web maps it would be nice to do a simple one way replication where the objectid is maintained in the child replica so that all work order or service request history can be accessed based on that objectid and facilityid.

    In short, simple one way replication should not change the objectid.