"Link" layers in separate data frames

Idea created by nicholasrg on Oct 12, 2010
    Often when I'm using multiple data frames, one of the frames is simply intended to be a "blow up" of the other on a map layout. In these instances, I generally want symbology and labeling rules to be consistent between the two frames. I would like to be able to "link" specific instances of the same layer together between two data frames so that I don't always have to make sure I've copied the latest layer changes from one frame to another.

    One possibility would be to have ArcMap able to detect when it has the same layer present in two data frames and then present a list of these layers in a small dialog box with separate check boxes on each layer object for symbology and labeling. The user could simply check which items they want linked. I picture this as looking and working much like the classic snapping dialog box.