ArcGIS Explorer via a terminal service solution: GIS for everyone, the enterprise way!

Idea created by meijer on Oct 12, 2010
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    When you want to offer "GIS for Everyone" in an enterprise environment where low maintenance is the rule, thin clients are all around  and many people qualify as "non-GIS-expert", you often end up with a terminal services solution like Citrix Xenapp or VMWare. For ArcGIS Desktop this runs fine (in our case), but the unfortunately ArcGIS Explorer doesn't...


    I think ArcGIS Explorer is the best GIS lite application, especially since it can read local layer (.lyr) files, our SDI solution! My idea for ESRI is to make ArcGIS Explorer configurable in such a way, that you can run it in a terminal service environment, think for instance of being able to disable the 3d mode, probably the most challenging part in citrix solution.