IBM DB2 for z/OS support for ArcSDE on Linux platform

Idea created by ssitsg on Oct 11, 2010
    • ssitsg
    • coloncm
    IBM DB2 for z/OS is supported only for ArcSDE on Windows 32-bit client machine.
    In our company, the main platform is IBM System z, and the second platform is Linux.
    We don't have Windows servers.
    We would like to move our GIS data on DB2 for z/OS for easier integration and maintenance (backup, increasing disk storage...).
    We hoped it would be possible in ArcSDE 9.3 but it didn't.
    Now it looks like it wouldn't be possible in version 10.

    What is your position on providing Enterprise GIS, and why is DB2 for z/OS, and/or Linux deprecated?