Projecting 3D planar features below the surface

Idea created by smartmap on Oct 8, 2010

    This idea has been merged with 3D faults and other planar features.

    Faults, veins and other similar planar features are mapped as polylines along with the  dip (inclination) of the feature.
    Accurately displaying these features below the surface in 3D within Arcscene requires manually creating a 3D polygon and editing the location (X,Y,Z) of  each vertex.

    I would like to select the feature, enter a value for the projection depth, then have  Arcmap create a 3D polygon from the feature using the dip angle and depth of the projection. This should be done within Arcview.

    When the file is brought into ArcScene the faults and veins would display as 3D planar features displaying their correct dip and projected at depth.