Report Designer needs more User-Friendly controls

Idea created by mhillig on Oct 4, 2010
     I would like to see more user-friendly controls involving the Report Designer.  I had to spend numerous hours trying to figure out what all of the buttons and settings do, so the report looks good.  

    In Microsoft word, you can easily create a table, use borders and shading to improve the look of the cells, change column widths and row heights easily for a single cell or all of them at once, all the while, see your results immediately.

    In Report Designer, each cell has a bunch of individual settings that are far too confusing for a general user.  I have a lot of experience creating tables and changing their appearances, but this was difficult.  Take a look.

    The cell information you see on the right, is for one cell, "Date".  These settings apply to all of the cells.  This is entirely too confusing for creating a report changing the appearance. Now take a look at a Word table properties box below and see how you can modify the table properties much easier.
    Can we please simplify this process!!!!!!!!!!!