MS Access functionality within ArcMap for File Geodatabases, etc.

Idea created by jeanguychauvin on Sep 27, 2010
    • jeanguychauvin
    • lwpenny
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    I use MS Access often to quickly and easily create typical database queries on GIS data using QBE because the query capabilities currently built into ArcMap is extremely limited. Although GIS tabular data can be imported into Access, there is a problem when there is a change in GIS data and the query results in the Access database does not reflect the change in this GIS data that the queries are based upon.

    Anyway I've been wondering for some time now why can’t we do these things in ArcMap instead? Since the queries would be run within an ArcMap session, a lock on the feature classes could be managed here as well so that no edits can be made on these queried feature classes while running these queries. Also isn't a file geodatabase a relational database to begin with? So why can't we use it like an RDBMS within and managed by ArcMap? This could of course be applied to other geodatabases and tables as well. ESRI has been using geodatabases for some time now but I can't understand why they don't make full use of them.